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All workshops from September to December 2018 will be held in the Old School Room, Menheniot, PL14 3QS.
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Courses & workshops for 2018

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Dates for 2018

January 9th
February 13th
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craft group craft workshops

The Craft Group – Unfinished Business

with Iris Marriott & Jane Lockyer

Do you have projects hidden away that need finishing? Or an idea for a project you haven’t yet started? Here is the opportunity to concentrate on your work (in any medium) in a relaxed and informal setting.

  • Help and guidance are offered if needed

  • Share and discuss your ideas over coffee and refreshments

  • Pay as you go

  • A call to reserve a space would be helpful

  • Lunch optional

Come and join us on the second Tuesday each month.


Friday 26th January 2018

10am - 4pm

Cost £35 to include a soup lunch



with Jane Lockyer

Have fun creating a mosaic treasure that is stunning and vibrant to look at, exciting to make and should last forever – using new and recycled materials.

Basic techniques are explained and helpful advice on designing your own piece will be given. Choose from a wooden plaque or a terracotta pot as the base for your project or any other item you wish to cover i.e. mirror frame, bowl etc.


Tuesday 20th & 27th February 2018

10am to 4pm

Cost £64 for two week course





lino prints


lino print workshop

Embellished Lino Prints on Fabric

with Louise Nichols

The workshop will be spread out over two days during which we will be designing, printing & embellishing lino prints to create unique pictures or wall hangings.

We will begin by using a sketch, photograph or other image that inspires you to create a design that you'll carve out of lino & print onto fabric.

Once the prints are dry you'll embellish them with a selection of threads, yarns, fabrics & whatever other decoration you choose. The finished embellished prints can then be made into either a hanging panel or mounted ready for framing.

If you wish you can just do the second embellishment day and Louise will bring some of her pre-printed designs for you to work on.


Thursday 15th
Friday 16th March 2018

10am to 4pm

Cost £38


concertina book



Concertina Books

with Lyn Edwards

Create a delightful concertina book combining hand embroidery with hand-made paper. We will explore a variety of mixed media techniques and unusual ideas and ways in which to use you finished book.

Lyn will bring lots of samples and ideas to guide you when filling your book. Suitable for all levels of ability.


Thursday 5th April 2018

10am – 4pm

Cost £34

needle felted animals

Needle-Felted Animals & Birds

with Julia Terry

Join Julia for another creative needle-felting day, making a selection of animals and birds of your choice. Julia will supply the use of tools and any wool used - included in the cost of the workshop.

Suitable for all levels of ability.



Monday 16th April 2018

10am to 4pm
Cost £32











wall hanging

Quilted Wall Hanging
With a choice of lino printed images – Hare, Bird or Cow Parsley

with Louise Nichols

Using a mix of lino printed images, fabric & felt, create the wall hanging of your choice. You can make the hanging as large or small as you wish using your own selection of the elements available. It will involve machine applique (although it can be purely hand sewn) and a variety of simple hand stitches to create lots of texture.

The lino printed images will be available in a wide choice of colours to go with any colour scheme and Louise will also bring along a selection of fabrics and threads that can be purchased for a small cost on the day.


Friday 27th April 2018

10.00am to 4.00pm

Cost £38






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wall hanging

Clematis Wall Hanging

with Marlene Chaffey

This raw edge appliqué technique will teach you a different way to create a simple wall hanging and you will be surprised at your creativity.

You will start by piecing a very simple trellis background and then learn how to construct individual flowers on release paper. With guidance, you will then learn how to position stems, leaves and flowers on to the background, without the aid of a pattern, to create an individual piece of work.  Machine and hand stitching will be used for embellishment.


Thursday 3rd & Friday 4th May 2018

10.00am to 4.00pm

Cost £84

books , wrap for books

“It’s a Wrap”

with Frances Pickering

Make three or four small books and a decorated wrap with pockets to hold them. The books can be individual or a set on one subject, e.g. the seasons, types of flowers, wildlife, sewing items, etc. The wrap can be richly embellished to reflect the contents. 

We will bring the material, it’s called ‘Wall Doctor’ lining paper,* for construction of the wrap and the books - we will sell it very cheaply to save you buying a whole roll. 

The emphasis on the workshop is that the books are small (no bigger than 2” x 2½”) which will limit the size of the inclusions.

Students should bring items they may want to put in their little books or to use as inspiration - photos, small scraps of fabric, tickets or any other small printed memorabilia.


Wednesday 16th May 2018

10.00am to 4.00pm

Cost £38

plant painting

Paint & Stitch

with Katy Choroszewska

Students will be guided through the process of drawing and painting a plant, working from live material. The process includes drawing with a pen onto cotton fabric and floating thin layers of acrylic paint over the drawing. 

Students then hand stitch into their paintings with stranded cottons, adding texture and detail, to create a beautiful soft focus plant study.

Suitable for all levels of ability.


Monday 21st May 2018

10.00am to 4.00pm

Cost £38















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White Line Printing

with Nicky Harwood

White line printing is an exciting print process developed in Provincetown, MA during the 1920’s.

Using watercolours allows the printer to make strong bold prints or washed out ethereal ones and everything in-between. No time consuming ink preparation, no registration issues and no standing in line waiting for the press means that everyone can work at their own speed producing stunning prints.

During the day participants will learn the basic principles of the process before being encouraged to experiment creating a number of monoprints. All materials and equipment are provided at a small extra cost.

Working on a single printing plate and requiring no press, white line printing can easily be continued at home and all students will take home their own printing plate and extra paper.


Friday !st June 2018

10am – 4pm

Cost £32







Aboriginal Art Painting & Textiles

with Jayne Buchanan

Explore the symbols and techniques of Aboriginal Art.  This is an opportunity to work on paper or on fabric, with acrylics or fabric paints, to create and produce your own personal piece of story-telling art.

This inspiring day is suitable for beginners and experienced artists.  The opportunity to extend your work to incorporate beading and hand stitching will also be available.


Wednesday 6th June 2018

10.00am to 4.00pm

Cost £38



Imaginary Panel

with Annette Emms

In this workshop we will make a small panel featuring an imaginary bird or figure in appliqué. The background is made from a wool fabric which is covered with scraps of scrim and then needle felted by hand or using an embellisher machine. The panel will then be decorated and embellished with fabrics, lace and found objects.

Hand stitching and appliqué creates a special and personal panel for a bag, a picture, or cushion cover, etc.

Suitable for all levels of ability.


Wednesday 11th
Thursday 12th July 2018

10am to 4pm

Cost £38







Heirloom Books

with Lyn Edwards

Create an 'heirloom' book using handmade paper with an embroidered and beaded spine. You can include insets and pockets and be inspired with a choice of ideas for its use.

You will make a book with plain handmade paper combined with the pages of the Edwardian country diary and bound with beads and decorative stitching.

There will be a charge for materials of between £4-5 depending on the project you choose.

Suitable for all levels of ability.


Friday 14th September 2018

10am – 4pm
Cost £34

needle felting

Autumn Needle Felting

with Julia Terry

We will start the day by making a pumpkin or two! - and then you can choose to make from a selection of animals and items, such as sitting mouse, rabbits, chickens, toadstools, dressed mice, moles, owls etc. All students need to bring is a pair of sharp scissors, Julia will supply use of tools and any wool used on the day.

In this course you will be taught the technique of how to needle felt with a single barbed needle and a five felter tool using dyed sheep’s fleece.

Suitable for all levels of ability.


Monday 17th OR Tuesday 18th September 2018

10am to 4pm

Cost £32


Fabric Pot

with Louise Nichols

There will be a variety of printed designs available to embellish on this fabric pot workshop. You can use a mix of different fabrics, threads, buttons, beads etc. to add detail to your prints before appliquéing them onto the fabric from which your pot will be made. The pots will be available to make in three sizes with patterns & instructions included.

Louise will bring along all the materials & threads needed on the day which will be available to purchase at a small cost. There will also be a charge for the pre-printed lino designs. A sewing machine will be needed to construct the pot.


Tuesday 2nd October 2018

10.00am to 4.00pm

Cost £44


Leafy Impressions

with Angie Hughes

This workshop will introduce you to the blue heat n form blocks that you can warm and impress into texture for printing. We will use the strong veins of leaves for this day’s project. Wonderful results can be gained using layers of colourful acrylics over the top of foiled fabrics.

To stitch or not to stitch….it’s your choice but a fun day to be had by students of all skill levels.


Monday 15th OR Tuesday 16th October 2018

10am to 4pm
Cost £32

tea light

Printed Fabric Tea Light

with Louise Nichols

There will be two designs available for you to make into a pretty tea-light on this workshop – a meadow design & a Christmas design. They will be printed in a variety of colours for you to choose from & embellish on the day using a mix of fabrics & threads. The print will then be mounted around a wooden disc for use with an LED battery candle/tea light.

Louise will bring along all the materials & threads needed on the day which will be available to purchase at a small cost. There will also be a charge for the pre-printed lino designs.


Tuesday 30th October

10am – 4pm

Cost - £38

acrylic printing

Printing with Acrylics

with Di Wells

Learn how to make your own printing blocks and try them out on paper and/or fabric. Commercial blocks are readily available but when you make your own, they are unique!

We shall use compressed foam, erasers, and potatoes. Clearly potatoes wither and deteriorate after a few days, but they are great for spontaneous results, and will last a day or two. The other printing blocks will last forever!

This panel is ideal for using as a feature in the Hussif bags workshop the following week.


Tuesday 6th November 2018

10am – 4pm

Cost £38

Hussif bag

Hussif Bags

with Di Wells

A Hussif is an old term for a “sewing kit”. It is a shortened version of a “housewife”. When soldiers signed up they had to take their own Hussif with basic hand sewing equipment which enabled them to mend their clothes and uniform.

My contemporary Hussif is in use every day. It hangs around my neck and contains all the essentials for my current sewing project. Totally invaluable!




Monday 12th OR Tuesday 13th November 2018

10am to 4pm
Cost £32

wall hanging

Hexagon Christmas Wall Hanging

with Louise Nichols

Have fun creating your own embellished lino printed Christmas tree. The pre-printed hexagon design will be available in a variety of colours – both traditional & alternative – for you to create your own design using a selection of smaller lino prints, fabric, felt & threads. Embellishing can be done using a mix of machine & hand sewing or just hand.

Louise will bring along all the materials & threads needed on the day which will be available to purchase at a small cost. There will also be a charge for the pre-printed lino designs.





lunchFor further information and contact

If you would like to know more about our courses or wish to book a place we would be pleased to hear from you.

Please contact Jane:




01579 344971



lunchLinks to some of our tutors' websites



mixed media textiles goldwork embroidery clock


Katy Choroszewska  

Tamar Embroideries


Sophie Fordham

Printmaker and painter


Deborah Hastings

Rag Rug Textiles


Angie Hughes



Louise Nichols

Textile artist


Frances Pickering

Textile artist


Di Wells

Textile artist and teacher






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